Fit 4 Teams

Your management team depends on your leadership to gain clarity of expectations and performance for the operations and teams they manage. Your team creates distributed leadership and permeates your strategy and vision throughout the organization.

Team excellence requires clear communication, excellent delegation, participative decision making and influence without power plays.

The Fit 4 Teams Executive Coaching programs emphasis both the development of the team leader, the development of leadership teams and the performance , effectiveness and execution of the teams operations.

When using the Fit 4 Teams framework and tools, your coach will consider the development of the team in the areas pertinent to your teams’ ongoing success.

Successful Teams are a combination of Functional Competence, Higher Performance, and reliable consistency. High performing sports teams train and practice 90% of the time for the 10% game time they are required to execute. Our work teams are required to perform 90% of the time and at best only get 10% of the training that they really need. Managing, motivating and driving teams to higher performance in the workplace not only requires more energy than most managers can find, they also don’t have the time to dedicate to analysis, understanding and game play strategy.

The Fit 4 Teams programs enable the leader and executive to develop a higher level strategic approach to talent identification and team development. Getting the right people, with the right skills in the right place at the right time is not luck, it is a plan and it works. Contact our Executive Coach Director to find out how others have taken advantage of the Fit 4 Teams program.