Fit 4 Strategy

The paradox of organizational strategy is to balance staying focused on core strategy and performance, yet be flexible enough to adapt when a critical aspect changes. How often are we so focused on the context and day to day activities that we miss key strategic markers.

Our Fit 4 Strategy approach appreciates that the strength of your strategic capability is the difference between the development of mediocre or exceptional future options. Strategic coaching allows you to consider your better plan for exceptional future options and uncovers the required tactics and capabilities across your organization to make this happen.

As Sun Tzu once penned, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, and tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”. Strategic coaching is ensuring that your leadership influences and generates the right balance between action and strategy.

The Fit 4 Strategy Combination

As Sun Tzu poignantly suggests it is a combination of leadership competencies, systemic applications and timing that creates organisations that thrive and endure. It is also knowing in what order to approach your strategic and tactical development. Our Executive coaches have been in the positions you are now in and can provide the objectivity in strategic planning that they too had to find a way through on heir own. Perhaps, like them, you too might prefer to try to achieve this on your own. At the very least a call to one of our coaches might ensure you don’t have to re-learn the blind-siding mistakes that others have already made.